Apartment 16

A two-bedroom apartment finished in loft style in colors of black, bottle green and corten. Distinctive elements of the design are the neon red light mounted above the bed giving a very atmospheric illumination and the glass shower located opposite the bed.

The apartment is equipped with a comfortable continental bed. On one side of it is a table with a drawer, and on the other is a low chest of drawers that serves as a bedside table and a place to store a suitcase and personal belongings.

The apartment’s industrial design is complemented by such interior elements as lining the bathroom with striking rust-colored tiles and carefully selected furniture, including an original table whose height can be adjusted with a crank, and finally colorful posters. A lavishly equipped kitchen in deep green ensures that any meal can be prepared. In turn, space for clothes is provided in a closet located at the entrance to the apartment. The apartment also has a large mirror mounted on a pillar opposite the front door. To ensure intimacy, wooden blinds have been installed in both windows, and additionally one of them can be completely covered with thick velvet curtains.



22 m2

Apartment 16 by night

Are you tired of clichéd romanticism? Do you like Łódź for its factory atmosphere and the fact that it doesn’t cuddle? It’s time to discover its charms from the spicier side!

“Red as a brick, hot as a furnace” – that’s how our idea for this apartment can be described in a nutshell. We juxtaposed exposed brick with glossy black surfaces, reminiscent of leather, latex and themed accessories. Metal lamps, mirror frames and radiators will correspond well with chains, handcuffs, belts and whatever your not-so-romantic imagination suggests.

Minimalist, economical design does not have to mean a lack of attractions. Above all, we recommend the spacious glass shower, which you can cover up with black blinds or enjoy the unobstructed view.

The icing on the cake is the red neon “Love it” sign, which provides you with a discreet hint as to why you should indulge yourself in the factory town. After a hard day’s work, you can regenerate in the well-equipped kitchenette with its stone finishes. A designer table with a thick wooden top also awaits you, allowing you to savour a rare sight, that of a garden in a stone well.



22 m2

Each apartment has:

Multi-colored atmospheric lighting

Hypoallergenic, pleasant bedding

Pillows in two sizes

Soft towels in two sizes

Iron and ironing board



Many power sockets

Table with chairs


Blinds and/or blackout curtains

Fully equipped kitchenette




Coffee maker

Full tableware, glasses, glasses

Ice mold

Coffee, tea, water, lotions, sugar, spices, etc.

Wine opener and cooler

Elegant cosmetics


Hygiene accessories for men and women

Equipment standard

When designing our interiors, we made every effort to create a place where beauty and style combine with comfort. During our private travels we lived in many apartments and hotels, so we learned the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions, and we put the accumulated knowledge into practice by creating a place where we ourselves would like to live. In each apartment and studio we took care of seemingly small matters, which, however, ultimately determine the satisfaction of the guest – high-quality materials, accessories that create the impression of coziness, comfortable beds with two comforters and pillows of different sizes, bedside tables, a variety of lighting, numerous contacts, benches and stools, suitcase racks, and blackout curtains and pleats in the windows. We have also provided good quality irons and ironing boards. For those who like to relax in front of the TV, we installed a TV with access to a full package of programs, movies and music. We also remembered about above-standard equipment of kitchenettes, in which, in addition to full crockery and a set of pots and pans, we installed induction hobs, microwaves, dishwashers and capsule coffee makers. In addition, cans of mineral water, fudge with our logo, company marketing materials with writing instruments and a map of Lodz await in the apartments. In the bathrooms, we installed dispensers with high-quality, natural ginseng cosmetics, and equipped them with hair dryers and fully assembled sets of hygienic utensils. The mirrors have additional backlighting installed, which makes it easier to apply careful makeup.

Details of Apartment 16

Details of Apartment 16 by night

Advantages of our apartments

Contactless reporting

fitted kitchen

stylish interiors


Coffee maker


Atmospheric light




Good location