General Information


  1. Definitions:
    1. Apartment– a residential unit offered for rent by the Facility and described in detail on and other intermediary portals that is the subject of booking,
    2. Guest ‒ a natural person (over 18 years of age) or a legal person who is a party to a short-term Apartment rental agreement or who expresses a wish to use the services of the Facility by booking a selected Apartment,
    3. c) Facility – Hidden Garden Apartments, hereinafter referred to as the Facility, are premises intended for short-term rental, providing accommodation services. Facility address: ul. Wólczańska 4, Łódź 90-720, Poland. The owner and administrator of the Facility is Hidden Garden Kautsch Spółka Jawna with its registered office at ul. Zwierzyniecka 14/9, Kraków 31-102, Poland, NIP: 6762490750, KRS: 0001061262, account number: 32 1160 2202 0000 0005 9521 8418,
    4. Rules and Regulations ‒ the present document governing short-term rentals at the Facility,
    5. Booking ‒ action consisting in the Guest selecting an Apartment and the dates of stay in the Apartment, as well as possibly other conditions of such stay, performed via the Internet Service or by phone, through which the agreement between the Facility and the Guest for renting the Apartment in accordance with the offer and subject to these Rules and Regulations is concluded,
    6. Internet Service ‒ the website or any other website that enables the Guest to make a Booking.
  2. These Rules and Regulations lay down the terms and conditions for the Booking and short-term rental service of the Apartments available at the Facility. As part of the short-term Apartment rental service, the Facility undertakes to make the Apartment available to the Guest, and the Guest undertakes to pay the set fee and comply with the present Rules and Regulations.
  3. Prior to making the Booking, the Guest is required to familiarise himself/herself with these Rules and Regulations. Making a Booking constitutes an agreement to adhere to the aforementioned Rules and Regulations.
  4. The Facility declares that it holds the legal title to the Apartment that is the subject of the agreement concluded with the Guest and that it is authorised to provide the service of making the Apartment temporarily available for tourist or leisure purposes.
  5. The Facility informs the Guest that pursuant to Article 38(12) of the Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014, in the case of a contract for the provision of accommodation services other than for residential purposes, the consumer is not entitled to withdraw from the contract concluded at a distance or off-premises, which the Guest hereby acknowledges.
  6. These Rules and Regulations were drawn up on 15 August 2023 and shall remain in force until revoked or amended.



Contact Details


  1. All Apartments at the Facility are served by the reception located at the same address in Apartment no. 2 on the ground floor of the front staircase.
  2. Opening hours of the Reception:
    1. Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.,
    2. Saturday – Sunday: variable working hours,
    3. in exceptional circumstances these hours are subject to change, so please contact us by e-mail or telephone before you arrive,
  3. Outside the reception opening hours, Mr. Bartosz Błaszczyk, the Guest Attendant, is available every day from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and can be contacted by:
    1. telephone number: 500 029 039
    2. WhatsApp: 500 029 039
    3. e-mail:



Booking and General Terms and Conditions of Stay at Hidden Garden Apartments


  1. The Apartments are rented by the night.
  2. The aparthotel night starts at 3:00 p.m. (check-in) and ends at 11:00 (check-out) on the next day.
  3. Quiet hours at the Facility are from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  4. Bookings can be made by:
    1. phone: 500 029 039
    2. WhatsApp: 500 029 039
    3. e-mail:
    4. booking portals
    5. the website of the Facility:
  5. Bookings can be made only if places are available.
  6. In order to make a booking, the following details must be provided:
    1. date of stay,
    2. name, surname or company name (if it is a company booking),
    3. type and number of the identity document,
    4. address of residence,
    5. telephone number,
    6. e-mail address,
  7. Successful bookings are confirmed by an electronic message sent by the Facility to the Guest’s e-mail address provided in the booking process.
  8. The check-in process can be completed electronically or in person at the Facility. Personal check-ins are only possible during reception opening hours.
  9. The Facility reserves the right to refuse accommodation if the Guest:
    1. does not have or refuses to provide his/her ID details.
    2. fails to pay in advance for the entire stay.
    3. is intoxicated (i.e. under the influence of alcohol or other substances that affect his/her state of awareness)
    4. is aggressive, which may additionally necessitate an intervention by the Police or the City Guard (municipal police).
  10. The intention to extend the stay should be communicated by phone to the reception or e-mail by 9:00 p.m. on the day preceding the original end of stay.
  11. The option to extend the stay depends on the availability of Apartments and may not be possible due to subsequent bookings.
  12. Extension of the stay is charged extra depending on the length of the extension: for each subsequent hour or for each subsequent day. The Facility will provide a cost estimate upon notification by the Guest.
  13. In the event of non-compliance with these Rules and Regulations, if the Guest has failed to extend his/her stay and has not returned to the Facility by check-out time (11:00 a.m.), and it is impossible to contact him/her or the contact is ineffective, and another guest has booked the room, the staff of the Facility consisting of at least two persons has the right to enter the Apartment and remove the Guest’s belongings in order to make it available to the next Guest. The former Guest’s belongings shall be removed from the Apartment, labelled, and secured by the Facility. In such an event, the Guest will be charged PLN 100 net for the service of inventorying and securing the said belongings, which will be released to the Guest upon payment of any outstanding balance, if any, to the Facility during reception opening hours.
  14. The Guest may shorten his/her stay at any time, but the intention to do so must be communicated to the Facility by phone or e-mail at least 24 hours before the end of the aparthotel day. Otherwise, the Facility shall be under no obligation to refund to the Guest he fees for booked but unused nights. A booking can only be shortened by full aparthotel nights.
  15. The Guest may cancel most bookings free of charge up to 3 days (until midnight) before the stated arrival date. The Guest may also cancel the booking free of charge within 24 hours of its making if the planned arrival time exceeds 48 hours. Exceptions include non-refundable bookings and those governed by other rules, e.g. special offers. Non-refundable bookings cannot be cancelled free of charge.
  16. Planned late arrivals (i.e. after 11:30 p.m.) or early departures (i.e. before 5:00 a.m.) must be notified by phone or e-mail. A shorter night resulting from a late arrival or early departure does not affect the booking fee.
  17. Some Apartments at the Facility can accommodate more than 2 people, but none can accommodate more than 4 people. The fee per extra person and the maximum number of people in a given Apartment is specified in the offer. It is not possible to add an extra bed or increase the maximum number of persons staying overnight.
  18. The Facility is not responsible for any items left by the Guest in his/her Apartment and does not operate a safe deposit box service.



Payments and Refunds


  1. Fees are payable in advance for the full stay.
  2. The Facility does not charge fixed fees. Currently valid fees for specific booking dates are displayed on booking portals and on the Facility’s website:
  3. The Facility accepts payment in cash, BLIK, credit cards (except American Express), Google Pay, PayPass, UnionPay, and ApplePay. Companies and institutions may also pay by bank transfer provided they meet additional conditions specified in the booking.
  4. In order to avoid fraudulent payments, any refunds made by the Facility to the Guest, such as for unused services or a cost-free booking cancellation, shall be made in the same manner and to the card number or account number from which the payment was originally received. The Facility does not issue refunds in any other form or way.



Complaint procedure


  1. Complaints regarding payments should be submitted electronically to the e-mail address:,
  2. The customer has the right to submit a complaint regarding payment within 14 days of the situation occurring,
  3. The facility considers complaints within 14 days and informs the customer about the method of processing by e-mail to the address from which the complaint was sent.
  4. Complaints regarding the operation of the Tpay system should be directed directly to Tpay.
  5. The facility is not responsible for payments that have not been received due to the Customer’s failure to follow the instructions on how to make the payment.
  6. These Regulations are available on the website To the extent not regulated by these Regulations, generally applicable provisions of law shall apply.



Special Rules for Staying at Hidden Garden Apartments


  1. It is strictly forbidden to organise parties of any kind at the Facility. Any disturbance of the quiet hours will result in a Police intervention and the Guest will be fined PLN 2,000 (two thousand zloty) for each instance of infringement.
  2. Children up to the age of 4 sharing bed with their parents may stay free of charge. The Facility does not offer cots, extra beds for babies, highchairs for feeding children or other similar equipment.
  3. Children between the ages of 4 and 18 are only permitted to stay if accompanied by adults, either parents or legal guardians. The child rate is the same as the adult or depending on the Facility’s current offer.
  4. Only persons entitled to use the Facility’s services as specified in the booking confirmation may stay in the Apartments between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. If the number of people staying in an Apartment exceeds the number entitled to use the Facility’s services, the Guest will be charged an extra fee of PLN 2,000 (two thousand zlotys) for each infraction.
  5. If an employee of the Facility is required to intervene after 10:00 p.m. due to unforeseen circumstances attributable to the Guest (e.g. loss of access code/keys, locking oneself in on the premises, failure to keep the door locked, etc.), the Guest will be charged an extra fee of PLN 200 (two hundred zloty) for each intervention.
  6. Pets are not permitted.
  7. Parts of the Facility are monitored 24 hours a day to improve the safety of Guests. Monitoring covers the Facility’s public areas and surroundings. Employees and owners of the Facility, as well as anyone designated by the owners and, upon request, public security agencies, have access to the footage. Recordings are automatically erased/overwritten after 30 days.
  8. The Facility does not provide catering or catering ordering services.



Cleaning Services


  1. During the Guest’s stay at the Facility, the cleaning service operates under the following terms:
    1. Stays under 3 nights:
      1. No cleaning.
      2. Towels ‒ 1 small, 1 large per person.
      3. Bedding ‒ 1 set per person.
      4. Extra cleaning services are available for an additional fee (see 2 below). Please order by phone.
  2. Stays of 3 nights and longer: every third day, the Facility provides a complete cleaning service at no extra cost. This service includes cleaning the Apartment, replacing the bedding, textile towels, toilet paper and paper towels, as well as replenishing the coffee and tea supplies and mini toiletries.
  3. Extra cleaning services:
    1. Can be ordered every day as needed within the service working hours at the time specified by the Guest.
    2. Fees:
      1. PLN 120 ‒ complete cleaning of the Apartment, including a change of bedding and towels.
      2. PLN 70 ‒ cleaning of the Apartment without a change of bedding or towels
      3. PLN 40 ‒ no cleaning, change of bedding and towels only.
      4. PLN 25 ‒ change of towels only.
  4. Cleaning and urgent maintenance/repair work shall be completed between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. For this purpose, employees of the Facility may access the Guest’s Apartment in his/her absence. In the event that the Guest does not wish anyone to enter their Apartment, he or she is kindly requested to hang a “Do not disturb” sign on the door.



Additional Services


  1. Car park: In accordance with the Facility’s parking guide available at and in the Apartment,
  2. The Internet:
    1. The on-site Wi-Fi service is free of charge.
    2. The password is available at the Facility.
    3. It is a service provided by a third party under a separate agreement. However, the Facility makes every effort to ensure that it is available on a continuous and high-quality basis. Any failures and disruptions are the sole responsibility of the external service provider.
  3. Any special requests (e.g. flowers delivered to the Apartment) are considered individually and are charged extra.



The Property of the Facility


  1. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all parts of the Facility, including the main building and the inner yard.
  2. Smoking is permitted only outside the main building.
  3. Any violation of the smoking ban will result in a PLN 500 fine.
  4. Access codes and traditional keys are used to unlock the doors to the studios and Apartments, as well as the entrance doors and individual staircases. The Guest will be issued these codes during the booking process and is required to keep them secret, not to publish them, not to make them available to other parties, and not to copy them. Failure to observe these restrictions carries a PLN 500 fine.
  5. The Apartments at the Facility are completely furnished (carefully chosen furniture and fabrics, TV, electric locks, fridge, dishwasher, stove, microwave, coffee maker, electric kettle, set of tableware and cutlery, mini-toiletries, hairdryer, iron, ironing board). This equipment must not be taken outside the Apartment or significantly rearranged.
  6. The Guest shall be materially liable for any loss or wilful or accidental damage to the Facility’s property resulting from improper use.
  7. In the event that the Guest loses or destroys the room furniture, the Facility reserves the right to charge the Guest the following penalties:
    1. Bedding ‒ from PLN 50 to PLN 150.
    2. Pillows ‒ PLN 70 per piece.
    3. Quilt ‒ PLN 150.
    4. Small or large towel ‒ from PLN50 to PLN100.
    5. Hair dryer ‒ PLN 150.
    6. Kettle ‒ PLN 250.
    7. Coffee machine ‒ PLN 500.
    8. Key, card, making the code available to unauthorized persons ‒ PLN 500.
    9. Designer wallpaper ‒ depending on its actual value.
    10. Other items, including furniture ‒ depending on its value and/or current market price of a given item.
  8. The Guest undertakes to promptly notify the Facility if the code, Apartment keys, equipment, or other assets held by the Facility are lost or stolen.
  9. In order to keep towels and bedding as clean as possible, please use them exclusively for their intended purpose. In the case of damage (e.g. alcohol spillage, hair dye stains, shoe polish stains, burns, etc.), the Facility shall charge the Guest for replacement costs based on the current market prices of the damaged items.
  10. The Guest undertakes to promptly notify the Facility of any faults or problems discovered in the Apartment within two hours of inputting the entry code.
  11. The Guest undertakes to leave the Apartment and its surroundings in the condition in which he/she found them and to comply with the principles of good neighbourliness as well as to observe the applicable occupational health and safety and fire safety protocols.
  12. The housekeeping and technical service at the Facility operates during daytime hours. If the room gets suddenly and unexpectedly dirty during the evening and night hours, the Guest is required to remove the dirt himself without using the Facility’s towels or bedding for this purpose.
  13. When leaving the Apartment, please make sure that the door is locked.



GDPR Personal Data Protection


  1. In accordance with the information obligation, pursuant to Art. 13 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, the administrator of personal data is Hidden Garden Kautsch Spółka Jawna with its registered office at ul. Zwierzyniecka 14/9, Kraków 31-102, Poland, NIP: 6762490750, KRS: 0001061262. Personal data are stored at Wólczańska 4 in Łódź, Poland.
  2. According to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, the collected personal data is processed in order to provide accommodation services.
  3. Disclosure of personal data pursuant to applicable laws and regulations is necessary and legally required. Failure to disclose such data results in the inability to provide the accommodation service.
  4. The Guest’s personal data shall be retained for 5 years.
  5. The Guest as owner of personal data has the right to access, modify, and update them. Unless doing so would violate the law, he/she has the right to restrict how the data is processed or to remove them in compliance with the right to be forgotten.
  6. The Guest provides all the required personal information voluntarily.