The rules and regulations are available HERE.

The host is Mr. Bartosz Blaszczyk, who is available daily from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm by:

– phone: 500 029 039

– WhatsApp: 500 029 039

– e-mail:


Please note that reception hours are slightly different:

– Monday / Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm,

– Saturday / Sunday: working hours variable, at the discretion and capacity of the reception


Before arrival, please always contact us via e-mail or telephone.


In case of emergencies, you can contact us by phone 24 hours a day, including an additional emergency contact number: 500 028 038

You can reach us comfortably by any means of transport. We can confidently say that all roads lead right to us. We inform you about the possibility of parking in the next question.


By car: You can find out how easy the road leads to us by typing the name of our aparthotel into your navigation, our address: Wólczańska 4 in Lodz or GPS coordinates 51.77397924468536, 19.451078267980872,

By plane: from Lodz Airport it is best to come to us by cab – it will take about 15 minutes. If you use public transportation, a direct bus connection takes about 40 minutes,

Lodz Fabryczna Train or Bus Station: From this station, a cab ride is only about 8 minutes. For those preferring public transportation, it’s about 10 – 15 minutes,

Łódź Kaliska railway or bus station: From this station, a cab trip is about 10 minutes. For those choosing public transportation, it’s about 15 – 20 minutes,

Railway or bus station Łódź Widzew: From this station, the journey by cab is about 20 minutes. For those choosing public transportation, it’s about 30 – 40 minutes,

By streetcar or bus: There are four streetcar and bus transportation stops a block away from Hidden Garden Apartments. Two of them, located at the corner of Więckowskiego St. and Zachodnia St. and at the corner of Próchnika St. and Zachodnia St., serve North-South communication (in the direction of the Unicorn Stables and Manufaktura). Another, delineated on Gdanska Street at the level of 1-go Maja Avenue, allows one to reach the vicinity of Manufaktura or the Polytechnic University, the ZOO, the Botanical Garden and the Orientarium,

Cab: There are several cab corporations in Lodz, and you can also easily use Uber or Bolt.

Car-sharing: The most popular option are white Panka cars, which are easy to spot on downtown streets and parking lots,

City biking: In addition, there are two city bike stations in the vicinity – one located at the Academy of Music (corner of Gdańska Street and 1-go Maja Avenue), the other – at the MS1 Art Museum (corner of Gdańska Street and Więckowskiego Street),

By scooter: You can also use electric scooters in Lodz, operated by Blinkee, Bolt and Lime apps, among others.

Our aparthotel does not have its own parking spaces.



Cosinus School car park – located on the adjacent lot (6 Wólczańska Street)

Charge: 10 PLN per parking space (cash payment)

Opening hours: Mon-Fri – 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Sat-Sun – 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The car park is closed after hours – no possibility to leave until morning


Surrounding municipal (public) parking spaces are also available. Fees for subzone A, where Hidden Garden Apartments is located, are:

  • for the first ½ hour: £2.50,
  • for the first hour: PLN 5.00,
  • for the second hour: PLN 5.50,
  • for the third hour: £6.00,
  • for the fourth and subsequent hour: PLN 5.00.


In addition, among other things, it is possible to park your car for free in the nearby Manufaktura shopping centre car park.

The reception desk is located in premises No. 2 on the first floor of the front cage. You can call us by intercom.

Reception office hours:

– Monday / Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm,

– Saturday / Sunday: working hours variable, at the discretion and capacity of the reception


Before arrival, please always contact us via e-mail or telephone.

We do not offer catering services at this time. We recommend that you check the map under the Location tab, where we point out places of interest.

Of course, you are welcome. The stay for children up to 4 years old, sleeping on a shared bed with their parents, is free of charge. Unfortunately, we do not have baby cribs, baby extensions, child feeding chairs or other similar equipment. The stay of children in the range of 4-18 years is possible only under the supervision of adults – parents or legal guardians. The price per child is equal to the adult rate.

Reservations are best made through our website, which is where you are now. We also accept direct reservations by phone at 500 029 039 (you can call us or text us on WhatsApp) or via email:

The guest is looked after by Mr Bartosz Błaszczyk, who speaks Polish and communicative English. Guests speaking Ukrainian or Russian are looked after by Liza Feier, who is fluent in Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.

In order to make a direct reservation, you need to give us the following details by phone or e-mail:

– date of stay,

– name, surname or company name (if it is a company reservation),

– type and number of identity document,

– address of residence,

– telephone number,

– e-mail address,

– method of payment.

We accept payment by cash, BLIK, debit and credit cards (except American Express), GooglePay, PayPass, UnionPay, ApplePay, and wire transfer to your information:


Hidden Garden Kautsch sp. j.

Zwierzyniecka 14/9

Krakow 31-102

Account: PL 32 1160 2202 0000 0005 9521 8418

Check-in is done electronically (remotely) or in person at our reception located in unit #2 on the first floor of the front staircase. Personal check-in is possible only during the reception’s working hours. After making a reservation, the guest receives an automatic message from us containing all the information needed to check in and get to the selected apartment or studio.


Reception office hours:

– Monday / Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm,

– Saturday / Sunday: working hours variable, at the discretion and capacity of the reception


Before arrival, please always contact us via e-mail or telephone.

Yes, we will be forced to refuse to accommodate a Guest if the Guest:


– does not have or refuses to provide the type and number of identity document,

– refuses to pay in advance for the entire stay,

– is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants,

– is aggressive, which may additionally result in a call to the Police or Municipal Police,

– we deem necessary for other valid reasons.

Our website is available in several languages, while our team members communicate in Polish, English and Ukrainian and Russian.

We do not allow pets in our apartments and studios at this time.

We do not have single beds. All of our apartments (9, 10, 11, 16, 17) have one double continental bed each. Studios 12 and 14 each have one double continental bed and one double mattress on the mezzanine floor. Studios 13 and 15, in addition to the double mattresses on the mezzanine, each have a double sofa bed.

All our apartments and studios are located on the high first floor of an apartment building in three different staircases of the same building, which are separated by only a dozen meters of distance.

You will receive the entrance code to the apartment or studio up to 12 hours before your scheduled arrival time.

The townhouse in which Hidden Garden Apartments is located consists of a front building and two outbuildings, with one additional staircase in the gate clearance. Entrances to the outbuildings lead from the inner courtyard.

Location of apartments and studios according to their numbers:

9 – In the gate clearance on the left side, up the stairs,

10, 11, 12, 13 – Left outbuilding,

14, 15, 16, 17 – Right outbuilding,


Instructions for entering apartments and studios:

– Always use the intercom code: 100 key 4000,

– Enter the staircase of the front building, and then the outbuildings, of the building at 4 Wólczańska Street,

– On the door of each staircase are clearly indicated the numbers of the apartments that are located in it,

– The entrance doors to the outbuildings’ staircases can be opened without using the intercom code,

– After finding an apartment or studio, build the keypad of the electronic door handle by touching its panel with your hand,

– Enter the 6-digit PIN you receive and confirm using #.

An aparthotel day begins at 3:00 pm and ends at 11:00 am the following day. It is possible to extend the day until 12:00 or 13:00, with the cost of extending the good is 50 PLN per hour.

Willingness to extend your stay should be reported at the reception, by phone or email. Extending your stay depends on the availability of the apartment or studio. Please note that staying in a previously occupied apartment or studio may not be possible due to bookings of additional Guests. In this case, if possible, we will offer you a transfer to another available apartment or studio. There is an additional charge for extending your stay depending on the length of the extension, and it will be possible to provide a cost estimate only after we receive details from the Guest, with an extension of the same night until 12:00 or 13:00 costing PLN 50 per hour.

The curfew at Hidden Garden Apartments is in effect from 22:00 to 06:00.

Parties of any kind are strictly prohibited on the premises of Hidden Garden Apartments. Disturbing the quiet hours of the night will each time result in calling the Police and charging guests a financial penalty of 2000 PLN (in words: two thousand zlotys) for each case of violation.

Between 22:00 and 06:00, only persons authorized to use the services of Hidden Garden Apartments, according to the reservation made, may stay in the apartments and studios. When the number of persons staying in the apartment or studio is greater than the number of persons authorized to use our services, the Guest will be charged an additional fee of PLN 2,000 (in words: two thousand zlotys) for each case of violation.

Cleaning and any urgent technical repairs are performed from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For this purpose, in your absence, our employees may enter the rented apartment or studio. In case you do not wish this, please post a “Please do not disturb” tag on the door.

The organization of the cleaning service during your stay at Hidden Garden Apartments is subject to the following rules:


Stay of less than 3 nights:

– No cleaning during your stay,

– Towels: 1 small, 1 large per person,

– Bed linen: 1 set per person,

– Additional cleaning service is possible at an extra charge and after establishing the scope and date of implementation. Please order by phone or directly at the reception,


Stays longer than 3 nights:

Every third night, included in the price of the stay, apartments and studios are completely cleaned. This service consists, in particular, of interior cleaning, including the replacement of linens, textile towels, toilet paper and paper towels, replenishment of the kitchen set (coffee, tea, etc.) and replenishment of the mini-cosmetics set.

Additional cleaning service is available every day and is provided at the guest’s request during the working hours of the cleaning service, after placing an order and setting a time for the service. Below is the price list:


– complete cleaning with replacement of textiles (bed linen and towels): PLN 120,

– cleaning without replacement of textiles (bed linen and towels): PLN 70,

– replacement of all textiles (bedding and towels), without cleaning: PLN 40,

– replacement of towels only: PLN 25.

According to the bylaws of Hidden Garden Apartments and the resolution of the Wólczańska 4 Residential Community, smoking is prohibited not only in the apartments, but also throughout the property. In order to smoke (traditional cigarettes as well as e-cigarettes and the like), please go out in front of the apartment building, where there is a specially prepared garbage can into which you should dispose of cigarette butts.


Those who do not comply with the smoking ban will be charged 500 zlotys.

Video surveillance at Hidden Garden Apartments is conducted only in the common areas of the property to ensure the safety of persons and property of all residents. The apartments do not have internal monitoring. The administrator of the data is the Housing Community Wólczańska 4 in Lodz. The owner of Hidden Garden Apartments simultaneously serves as a member of the Community Board. Camera recordings are stored for up to 30 days, after which they are deleted or overwritten by recordings from subsequent days.

We encourage and ask you to give us ratings. This is possible in three ways:

– in our Google business card available HERE,

– on the portal through which the reservation was made,

– in our customer satisfaction survey, which is available HERE or through the QR code stuck on the doors and mirrors of our apartments and studios.

We encourage you to express your opinion in the satisfaction survey available HERE. Your comments are very valuable to us and will serve to improve the quality of services offered.

If you have any comments or suggestions during or after your stay, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Guests interested in purchasing apartments available in Odnova’s offer are invited to take a look at the apartment building at 100 Kilińskiego Street: